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Social challenge

Skills supply and working life

Through our efforts, we work for an inclusive and long-term sustainable economic growth. In our agile organization, we change quickly and fine-tune efforts to meet companies' needs, where demands for new skills are in focus.


The pandemic in 2021 put the adaptability of meeting and conference companies in Skåne to the test.

Leading a company can be lonely in times of economic crises, rapid changes in the world around us, and strong demand for new technology. The project offered activities aimed at strengthening companies through insight into new customer behaviours, newsletters with industry-specific business intelligence, knowledge about digitalization and change efforts to create a better understanding of economics.

Two CEO networks have been created to give companies the opportunity to discuss industry challenges under the guidance of Almi företagspartner. Guest lecturers and experts have been invited to share trends and important events that take place. During 2022 an innovation process will focus on finding new meeting solutions, for example how we can use space in a meeting room in a new way to attract new customer segments. 

Together with: Almi business partner Skåne AB, Swedish meetings, Skåne meetings
Funded by: European Regional Development Fund

Farmer wants a tourist

Tourism in Skåne runs the project Bonde söker turist (Farmer wants a tourist) in cooperation with The Federation of Swedish Farmers-LRF.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to developing a competitive and sustainable tourism and a hospitality industry in the countryside. By developing businesses we contribute to creating jobs, economic growth and more vibrant societies.

A total of 19 LRF-affiliated companies are participating. The purpose is to develop tourist experiences in nature, food and drink. The project is ongoing until the summer of 2022.

During the year the companies got support in business development and marketing, based on individual needs analyses. Together with Nyföretagarcentrum (start-up centre) Öresund, participants were offered individual coaching to develop their business plan and renew business models, as well as coaching with specialists. Participants were inspired and could meet other companies and exchange experiences at our joint meetings.

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