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Social challenge

Health and Welfare

Tourism helps us make nature, culture and food more available. It also contributes to increased year-round employment in the hospitality industry, a more resilient society and a vibrant countryside.

National framework for hiking trails

The national framework that is now being built up focuses on joint grading, categorization, digitization and a description of the nature of the trail for visitors. The framework is based on sustainability, and we have produced a guide showing how the UN global goals can lead the way during the year. Well-functioning hiking trails can be a good argument for protecting nature and alternatives for a sustainable holiday. Perhaps most important of all, hikers can get a sense of nature as a way of changing their lifestyles.

The project has entered an implementation phase where all regions have been involved, several of which are now working according to the framework's criteria. The framework for a process tool has been developed and will be presented in 2022. The tool will be an important support for developing trails throughout the country.

Together with: Visit Dalarna, Västsverige Tourist Board, Visit Värmland, The Region of Västerbotten and Linköping diocese  Funded by: The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and The Swedish Board of Agriculture

Make a difference

Kontiki Reisen, part of the DER Touristik Group, is not a regular travel dealer. Focusing on the Nordic countries, they work for regenerative travel. This is based on the idea that travel can help preserve nature and culture, and that visitors should leave behind a better place when they return home. The approach is based on the UN's 17 global goals for sustainable development. 

Conscious travel and sustainable tourism can have a positive impact on the local community, but it needs the commitment of stakeholders affected by tourism. The cooperation with Kontiki is called Spela roll (Make a Difference) and offers broad participation. Participants are representatives from municipalities, associations and hospitality companies. Politicians and other decision-makers and representatives of research and education are also invited. The goal is to collaborate in various initiatives to develop authentic products with a low negative impact, such as less greenhouse gas emissions. The products must have the highest positive impact possible.

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