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With digitalization as one of the cornerstones of our business, it is natural to put great focus on what effects it has on customer behaviour and the requirements for a seamless destination. We contribute with our innovation work and our knowledge sharing.

Angelica Gustavsson håller i en föreläsning om digitalisering

Digital boost

In 2021, an analysis was performed to see how Skåne's hospitality companies specializing in accommodation and experiences digitally reach out to potential visitors.

Based on the results of the survey we produced a series of webinars that made during the year, Digital Boost.
The webinars consisted of initiatives in digital marketing and sales adapted to target groups. We looked at website, SEO, "The big 5" i.e., the largest booking platforms, opinion management, booking system and social media on six occasions. The focus was on how to make channels more user-friendly to generate more bookings.

The form of using digital webinars was well-liked and a lot of companies participated to boost their digital skills. We also created the "Digital Boost Skåne" Facebook group to offer a place where hospitality companies can discuss their digital presence and get help from each other.


The Gastrolution of Skåne project develops food and beverage events.

The year began with collecting insights from the strategic conversion processes that took place at the end of 2020 with the support of two different process leaders, three events worked through questions based on for whom and why they exist. Other participants in the project took part of the experience via a conference.

The project focused on developing digital presence by having webinars and workshops on social media and storytelling as tools to elevate participants’ events.
The incentive for people who invested more time in the project was to take part in marketing efforts. We arranged. Press trip during the autumn when three foreign journalists visited Skåne's Food Festival and met many of the food and beverage entrepreneurs. We also arranged a digital seminar in the UK and British tour operators with Visit Sweden. Ten organizers from Skåne participated and presented their events.

Together with: LRF Skåne, The Region of Skåne, Event in Skåne
Funded by: The Swedish Board of Agriculture

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