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Social challenge

Democracy and a strong society

An attractive destination is characterized by human meetings and good hosting and hospitality. It is based on strong partnerships and common efforts to solve societal challenges. We strive to carry out all our efforts together with others, and often bring together different players.

Bi Syd

BI Syd is a partnership that brings together regions and municipalities in southern Sweden to jointly conduct analysis and insight work.

By joining forces we optimize resources and benefit from each other's skills. New from 2021 is Gotland. There has been a great focus during the year on initiatives relating to change work for conference facilities through the Crisitivity project.

Efforts within the Flow project are also in full flow. The project aims to measure and analyze visitor flows through mobile data in places where unbalanced flows risk negatively affecting the place and the visitors' experience. By measuring flows we can identify places and times where congestion occurs. Measuring results can be used as a basis for evaluating different types of efforts to spread visitors to places or times with less visitor pressure.

Visit South Sweden

Visit South Sweden (VSS) is a partnership that gathers and mobilizes international marketing efforts for the six southernmost Swedish regions Jönköping, Kalmar, Kronoberg, Halland, Blekinge and Skåne.

Cooperation includes marketing activities in Denmark 2020-2021. From 2022 VSS will operate in the Dutch market. Using joint resource strength and attractiveness we can access important communication channels and get a broader reach with better quality in our chosen markets.

Despite the pandemic, we carried out several activities in 2021. In May, visitsouthsweden.dk was launched, a guide to activities and experiences in southern Sweden. During the early autumn three influencer trips were promoted in Skåne, which resulted in half a million screenings and inspiring material that will be shown on our joint channels for a time to come.

 Partnership that makes a difference for Skåne

Since the Skånes Municipalities organization gave up its ownership in Business Region Skåne from 2022, we have forged a new form of cooperation with municipalities and Tourism in Skåne's management. The work will be led by a joint steering group.

The idea of the partnership is to secure deliveries that are important to us in the long term and develop Skåne together so that the potential of tourism for societal development can flourish.

Financially the partnership is based on joint financing for marketing and insight work for the municipalities who see a value in cooperation on tourism. Our cooperation will be based on commitment and participation. Being part of the partnership means you are involved in pursuing the development of Skåne as a sustainable destination.

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