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Social challenge

Sustainable cities and communities

How do we plan communities where visitors are a natural part?

We make Skåne a year-round destination. We need to ensure that communities and cities deliver on it.
More people in the same place create congestion, noise and wear and tear. Especially if everyone comes here during the same time period. Which is why communities and cities need to plan for visitors all year round and in all of Skåne. It's not only summer on Österlen, but also autumn, winter and spring.


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With these efforts, we answer the question:

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Needs analysis for developing the tourism industry

The world has changed. How does the tourism industry need to change and how can Tourism in Skåne contribute in the best way? We investigate this via surveys, telephone interviews and a virtual think-tank with industry representatives, researchers and others with knowledge of the tourism industry. Over one thousand companies will get the chance to give their views on future needs. The analysis is expected to be completed in April 2021.

Together with: Sweco

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So People Avoid Crowds Effectively

A zone system for beaches, two-meter markings on floors, table reservations via apps and Google ads that suggest other destinations than the one you searched for.

Part of the SPACE project included such solutions, together with a communication manual. This is to get visitors to keep their distance, reduce congestion and spread visitors to reduce the spread of the virus. And of course – make people safe.

The project's focus was summer 2020, but the goals are long-term.

Together with : PBM, Event i Skåne

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Competence Academy Public Sector

A bus to the destination, high expectations for digital services and a desire for "that something extra". Digitization has changed the role of the public sector as hosts.

The CAPS project has developed the skills of municipalities in the role that the tourism industry has in community building, sustainable leadership and co-workership, and how Skåne will become a leading destination. This took place through courses, workshops and seminars, about 30 municipalities and four regional development actors participated in the project that went on until 2020.

With money from: The European Social Fund

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