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Ingång till Mossagårdens gårdsbutik. Närodlade grönsaker i lådor utanför dörren. Foto.
Social challenge

Responsible consumption and production

How do we promote Skåne so that visitors act sustainably?

Vacation, a bit more freedom, a bit less everyday. It's easy to stretch a bit on what's okay. You eat a bit differently, travel a bit differently, shop a bit differently. 
Our job is to make sure that something different is sustainable. So that tourism reduces food waste and waste. And encourages sustainable choices and local alternatives.
We market Skåne as a destination and we must ensure that people visiting Skåne take responsibility.


Mål 12 Hållbar konsumtion och produktion


With these efforts, we answer the question:

Trälådor med blandade grönsaker och svamp. Foto.

Support your Skåne

Covid-19 took away what we took for granted. Coffee at a café after work, strolling around shops, meeting friends in the pub. Through the Support your Skåne campaign, on Facebook and Instagram, we encouraged people from Skåne to shop without visiting their favourite places and experience things other than via physical means. The posts linked to visitskane.com, which included everything from home-delivered raspberry jam to museum visits on mobile phones

Together with: the municipalities in Skåne

The Runway

How can websites and digital sales channels become better at inspiring and attracting international customers? Our pilot project “The Runway” helps tourism companies with this – to further their reach in digital hosting and presence. Together we examine what their channels look like and produce tailor-made measures. We look closely at how they can increase their sustainability work. This pilot initiative helps ten different companies that want to develop and collaborate with us.

Ett par cyklister tar en paus vid Öresundsbrons brofäste. Foto.

Skåne Överraskar (Skåne surprises)

“Stay home” was the call of 2020. Fortunately there’s a lot to do in Skåne.

Through an account on TripAdvisor and a campaign in social media, Skåne Överraskar encouraged people from Skåne to discover places where visitor pressure was less. It highlighted things like wandering around ancient monuments to trying experimental drinks.

The Travel Book

 365 days of influencer collaboration. Together with Rasmus and Karoline from The Travel Book, we will produce an interactive e-book during 2021 that inspires Danish people to experience sustainable visits to Skåne in all seasons. Rasmus and Karoline are a Danish couple who want to show that it is possible to travel sustainably. They of course follow local advice and recommendations during the pandemic.

Kvinna och barn vandrar vid Falsterbo. Foto.

Visit South Sweden

There’s more to discover across the Öresund Bridge, all year round. We want to tell our Danish neighbours about that. That’s why we developed Visit South Sweden during the year – a collaboration platform for marketing Skåne, Småland, Halland and Blekinge. We want to attract Danish people who want to experience nature by hiking, cycling and canoeing. People who enjoy life with food, drink, sights, beaches and swimming. The idea is to reach them via PR, collaborations, Google ads and social media.

Together with: Smålands Turism AB, AB Destination Småland, Kalmar County Region, Halland Region, Visit Blekinge and our partners in Skåne

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