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Vandrare med hund går i en grönskande bokskog. Foto.
Social challenge

Life on land

How do we preserve biological diversity meanwhile developing Skåne as a nature destination?

We will make it easy to experience Skåne’s nature. We also have a duty to protect it. 
There is a longing to experience nature among both people living in the cities and people living on the country side. Meanwhile the nature in the world - the basis of our life on earth - is being destroyed. And that needs to change. Now.


Mål 15 Ekosystem och biologisk mångfald


With these efforts, we answer the question:

Två cyklister på väg genom en skog. Foto.

South Sweden Trails

Leg muscles don’t emit greenhouse gases. So we want our closest neighbours – Danish and Germans – to experience south Sweden from a bike saddle. In 2020 we developed South Sweden Trails – a concept for three national cycle paths. 900 km of bike trails, from Gothenburg, along the coast of Skåne and on to Växjö. Find it via the Outdooractive platform and the campaign page we are soon wheeling out

Together with: Region Halland, Visit Blekinge and Destination Småland

Två kvinnor tar en paus från vandringen och studerar en karta. Foto.

National framework for hiking trails

Calm groves and steep mountains. The hiking trails in Sweden pass through different landscapes, but the framework should be the same. This will become a reality with a national framework for hiking trails. It will help visitors find the right way and do the right thing.
During 2020 we developed quality criteria that give the entire country's trails the same standard – in everything from trail markings and maintenance to campsites and waste management. The goal is hiking trails that lead to public health, rural development and sustainable tourism

Together with: Visit Dalarna, Turistrådet Västsverige, Visit Värmland, Region Västerbotten and Linköping diocese
With money from: The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and The Swedish Board of Agriculture

Ensam vandrare med ryggsäck och vandringsstav blickar ut över en sjö. Foto.

The future outdoor experience

Nature attracts more and more people. Even those with little experience of Nordic nature. People who want to be guided to the best photo spot, get safe kicks on the high rope course, or be served restaurant food in the forest. Professional experience companies are needed who meet people’s expectations and requirements.
 That is why we produced the Future Outdoor Experiences guide for companies working in that field. The guide points out what type of visitors they should attract and how technology can enhance their experience. We based the guide on Kairos Future’s study “The Future of Outdoor Experiences”.

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