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Social challenge

Decent work and economic growth

How do we adapt to the world and preserve what’s local?

We will develop experiences adapted to changes in the surrounding world.
We must ensure that we keep what’s local.

We do a wide search, gobally and digitally to find something new in Skåne. The future way of meeting, traveling and experiencing goes beyond industry boundaries. Meanwhile tourism must become more local in order to be sustainable. There must be room for everyone, for the beekeeper, the cave guide and the craft brewer. For the small, genuine and sustainable that give our locals jobs and strengthens the economy.


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With these efforts, we answer the question:

Bränneriets gårdsbutik. Foto.

The Gastrolution of Skåne

Skåne is one of the country's most fertile regions. And easy to travel to.

The Gastrolution of Skåne project is about developing food and beverage events that attract international visitors. Part of this is making the best of Skåne. At harvest festivals, through food artisanship and farm shops.
Events in Skåne will be supported to become more sustainable, improve their digital presence, use storytelling and reach the right target groups.

In 2020 the focus was on health-secure events. During 2021 we will solve two major sustainability challenges: food waste and single-use materials.

Together with: LRF Skåne, Region Skåne, Event in Skåne 
With money from: The Swedish Board of Agriculture

Vandrare längs Skåneleden går över en bro i skogen. Foto.

Beyond the Future

Designed campsites. Automated hosting. New interpretations of "food along the way".

How to live, eat and experience nature in the future is the focus of the Beyond the Future project. We create and test the nature experiences of the future based on circularity, digitalization and sustainability. 
The project will lead to innovative concepts and companies developing new business. In Tomorrow's Tourism, we test and develop new methods of creating more innovations in tourism and a more resilient tourism industry. In 2020 we worked with the Future Camp concept.

Together with: Form/Design Center
With money from: The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

Kaffekokande på öppen eld. Foto.


Digital conferences, virtual meetings and reduced business travel.

The meetings and hotel industries have been hit hard by the pandemic. New customer behaviours and new needs have arisen which bring new challenges and new opportunities.

The Crisitivity project was started to support the creation of a more future-proof meetings industry. Resilient companies developing according to changes in our surrounding world. Companies that take advantage of opportunities in new customer behaviours and digital technology. Companies of the future that take responsibility through circular business models.
We produce insights and analyses within the project. Support companies' business development and adaptation. And we work with cross-border innovation to develop and test new services and business ideas.
Crisis + Creativity = Crisitivity.

Together with: Region Skåne, BI Syd, Almi Företagspartner Skåne AB, Skånska Möten, Svenska Möten, Region Kalmar län
With money from: National Regional Fund Program

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