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Social challenge

Climate action

How can we minimize our climate footprint yet attract more tourists to Skåne?

We want more people to discover Skåne. We also need to get tourism to contribute to the battle against climate change. 
People want to travel, to wake up in a new place, discover a new city and meet new people. They want to eat different food, do other things and understand other cultures. After the corona pandemic, that will is only expected to be greater. Meanwhile, travel, hotel nights and restaurant visits emit greenhouse gases. The climate is changing and we need to make tourism contribute to the battle.


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With these efforts, we answer the question:

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The Gastrolution of Skåne

Food trucks and food markets often use disposable items and produce food waste. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

In the Gastrolution of Skåne project we are looking for innovative ways to reduce food waste and other waste at events. We mapped and analyzed the challenges and solutions in 2020.The solutions include reusable items, nudging and early thoughts about waste. The project will continue with a test bed for event organizers.

Together with: LRF Skåne, Region Skåne, Event in Skåne
With money from: The Swedish Board of Agriculture

Vindruvsodling på Arilds vingård. Foto.

Offer experiences online

Can baking a pyramid cake be a cook-along? Or the Viking Age be livestreamed?

During the year we guided entrepreneurs in how to digitize their offers with conceptual, concrete and technical tips. Partly so that they can find new sources of income during the pandemic, and partly so people can experience Skåne wherever they are in the world. The guide is on our web site.

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